Iles Cooper

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Areas of Practice

Bankruptcy Law
Business Law
Commercial Litigation

As a senior member of WF&J, Mr. Cooper integrates his in-depth knowledge of law, business, and family matters with a personal determination to serve the needs of his clients.

Business Clients

Continuously engaged in the practice of commercial law for 30 years, Mr. Cooper is actively involved representing all types of business clients, from individuals and family-owned businesses to regional and national companies. Mr. Cooper also handles legal matters throughout Pennsylvania and represents client interests throughout the United States.

Specializing in commercial transactions and disputes, Mr. Cooper’s clients include businesses in manufacturing, retail, auto industry, health care, real estate development, importing and exporting, venture capital, as well as creditor and debtor interests. His business clients rely upon Mr. Cooper to apply a legal and business strategy, while keeping in mind their ultimate goals. From determining the best legal structure for a new business to financing, contracting, employment matters, business development and succession planning, clients are able to rely upon Mr. Cooper to find real-world, cost-effective solutions. His “can do” approach to legal and business problems has resulted in a well-served clientele.

Personal Clients

An important facet of Mr. Cooper’s practice is his private clients. Individuals and families seek his advice on a wide range of matters, such as estate planning, financial counseling, real estate, and employment issues.


No two clients are alike. Mr. Cooper knows the importance of understanding the legal issues as well as personal goals and circumstances surrounding a matter to ensure that his advice serves each client best.


Iles Cooper, Esq, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin in Economics and a JD degree from Temple University Law School. A seasoned lawyer, Mr. Cooper combines his expertise in finance, business and law to serve his clients.

Originally from New York, Mr. Cooper resides in Orwigsburg with his wife and has four children.
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Law School: Temple University, J. D., 1976
College: University of Wisconsin, B. A., 1973
Schuylkill County Bar Association
Pennsylvania Bar Association

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