Does my spouse inherit everything if I die without a Will in Pennsylvania?

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by Attorney Ashley Securda

Did you know, if you die without a Will in Pennsylvania, your spouse will not inherit everything? Contrary to popular belief, if you pass away and you do not have a will, everything you own individually will not automatically go to your spouse. Pennsylvania has what’s called “Intestate” laws that specify who gets what when you die without a Will. If you die without a Will and you are married, your spouse gets the first $30,000 of your estate, and then your spouse and your children split the rest of your estate.

It is never too early, nor it is ever too late to have a Will prepared. It is also a good idea to have your Will reviewed by an attorney or updated if you had your Will prepared more than 5 years ago since the laws have changed. Contact our office today at (570) 622-5933 to have your estate planning documents prepared.

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