Dog Bite and Dog Attack Information

As of 2001, there were approximately 68,000,000 dogs being kept as pets within the United States. Dogs and other pets are often great companions. However, as of 1994, it was estimated that 4.7 million humans living within the United States were bitten by dogs at some point during the course of their lives.

Fortunately, most of the dog bites that occurred were relatively minor in nature. However, over 300,000 of these dog bites required medical treatment, and approximately 6,000 of these dog attacks required hospitalization.

Pennsylvania has adopted dog laws which, among other things, requires dog owners to confine the dogs to the owner’s property or firmly secure the dog by means of a collar and chain or other device which confines it within a specific area. Alternatively, if the dog is engaged in hunting or other related activities, it must remain under the “reasonable control” of its owner. 3 Pa. C.S.A. §459-301, et seq.

Violations of the dog law in Pennsylvania have been found to be negligence per se. This means that even if the owner of the dog did not know that the dog had dangerous tendencies, the dog owner can still be liable if the dog escapes from the property or control of its owner, and causes injuries by biting or attacking someone.

Various other situations can also impose liability upon the owner of the dog for injuries caused by a dog attack. If you or a loved one suffered personal injuries from a dog bite or dog attack please contact our experienced Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys right away.

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