General Overview of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Personal injury and wrongful death law involves claims made as a result of an accident, which results in injury or death. This is a very broad field of law, which includes automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, truck accidents and tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, airplane crashes, slip and fall, medical malpractice, nursing home malpractice, intentional torts, product liability, workers compensation and other problems. This field of law is also known as “tort law.”

When the injury or death was caused by someone else, the injured person (and sometimes his or her family) can obtain compensation from the responsible party. Most personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits focus on two factors – fault and the nature/extent of the injury.

Regardless of the type of personal injury sustained or if a death has occurred, it is important to act quickly to preserve your rights and to allow your attorneys to begin investigating your case as soon as possible. Strict deadlines, called Statutes of Limitations, can prevent you from recovering if you fail to act in a timely manner.

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