Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required by Pennsylvania law, and provides a source of money to pay for claims and judgments for negligence in operating a vehicle. At a minimum, the amount of this policy must be $15,000 for the death or bodily injury of one person, and $30,000 in coverage per accident if two or more people are injured or killed, as well as $5,000 for property damage. Given the rising costs of medical treatment, wages/salaries, and other factors, this is very minimal coverage, and as a result, many individuals elect to obtain higher coverage.

In Pennsylvania, personal injury lawsuits for causing an automobile accident cannot name the insurance carrier as a defendant. Additionally, the jury is not permitted to know about the insurance coverage available to the defendant. At times, the jury may reach a verdict that is higher than the amounts of the defendant’s liability insurance policy, in which case the defendant may be personally liable to pay the additional amount from their own assets.

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