Medical Payment Coverage

In addition to liability insurance, medical expense benefits coverage is also required in Pennsylvania. You may see this listed on your insurance policy as “med-pay,” “Medical Expense Benefits,” “Personal Injury Protection,” “PIP” or another similar term.

This part of the insurance provides payment for medical expenses of the individuals in the vehicle, including the driver and the passengers. This coverage is available for the driver, even if the driver of the vehicle is at fault, and only applies to the occupants of the vehicle. Therefore, all individuals who are injured must obtain this benefit from the insurance policy of the car they occupied at the time of the crash, and cannot obtain this benefit from the policy of another vehicle, even if the accident was caused by the driver of the other vehicle.

There is a legal requirement to have a minimum of $5,000 in Medical Payment Coverage. However, higher amounts of coverage can be obtained from your insurance agent.

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