Pedestrian Injuries

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In Pennsylvania, drivers of motor vehicles must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in crosswalks. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore this rule, which all too often results in an accident. Another frequently encountered scenario that results in a pedestrian-vehicle accident occurs when a driver makes a turn onto a side street, striking a pedestrian on the side street.

Pedestrians involved in vehicular accidents frequently suffer serious injuries or death. On average, one pedestrian is struck every 9 minutes in the United States, and every 112 minutes, a pedestrian is killed. While the number of fatal accidents is slowly decreasing, having dropped approximately 12% over the past ten years, this still resulted in 4,784 pedestrian deaths during 2006, and 61,000 pedestrian injuries. 90% of pedestrian accidents occurred in normal weather conditions, and 69% occurred at night. Males comprise 70% of the pedestrians who are killed.

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