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Schuylkill County property owners are again receiving notices from an out-of-state company attempting to sell copies of public records pertaining to their property to property owners.

The notices seem to be triggered as a result of the sale of real estate, subsequent to which the new property owner receives a notice from the company.  In an effort to make the letter look somewhat “official,” the outer envelope frequently has information printed on it about the diversion or interception of mail being a federal crime.

The letter which is enclosed offers to provide important information to the property owner about various details of their property, including the tax assessment value, and also states that if the homeowner pays the fee, a copy of the homeowner’s deed will also be provided. 

From reviewing the letter, it appears that the overwhelming majority of information which this company will supposedly provide is available online, free of charge, through the Schuylkill County government website at

Furthermore, a copy of the deed can be obtained through the Recorder of Deeds Office at the Courthouse, or from any Schuylkill County title agency, such as Penn National Abstract Services, Inc.

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