Why should you have a Will?

by Attorney James E Crossen, III

A will is an important legal document that will protect your wishes. Having a will helps minimize family disagreements.

In your Will, you have the ability to make the following decisions:

Who should serve as the Executor? The Executor is the person who is in charge of your estate.


An Executor’s job is to:

  • identify the estate assets,
  • protect the estate assets,
  • pay legal debts and taxes,
  • and distribute the estate according to the terms of the Will.

Who should be the beneficiaries of your estate? During your lifetime, you acquire assets that have sentimental value and assets that could be of significant value. In your Will, you get to decide who should receive these important assets upon your death.

Who should serve as the Guardian of your minor children? The Guardian is the person who will care for your minor children upon the death of both parents. In your Will, you may select the person who you believe will be the best to care for your minor children and raise your children with your values.

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