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At Williamson, Friedberg & Jones, LLC, we assist individuals with respect to estate planning.  One of the most important documents a person should have as part of an estate plan is a Power-of-Attorney form. What is a Power-of-Attorney form? It is a legal document where a person (the “Principal”) grants legal authority to another person…

A recent decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has expanded the ability of law enforcement officers to search motor vehicles without obtaining a search warrant.  The Court’s decision adopts the Federal Automobile Exception Rule to the search warrant requirement.  In the case of the Commonwealth v. Gary, 26 EAP 2012, the Court adopted an exception…

The Pennsylvania Bar Institute Press recently released the Pennsylvania Ethics Handbook, 4th Edition. This work is a useful guide regarding the professional responsibility obligations of every practicing lawyer in Pennsylvania. Chester C. Corse, Jr. of the law firm of Williamson, Friedberg & Jones, LLC is a contributing author for this Handbook. His section of the…

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